Save all separate images from PowerPoint.

Open the Power Point presentation.pptx goto>file>Save AS Choose as destination Computer> then select a folder 4. Double click the folder.> a window opens. 5. In the window change “Save as type” to jpg 6. When you hit return this window comes up>choose All Slides. 7. Wait while the slides are exported.

Create Used Footage List From EDL Using Excel

File> Open > Browse to .EDL file> import wizard opens>Choose Delimited > Click Next.  Choose Space, Uncheck the Tab button. > click Next. Choose Text > hit Finish Save the spreadsheet as Excel workbook. Switch to the Data Tab > Top menus. Select all then click the Filter button. This makes each column a sortable … Read more

AVID do’s and don’ts 2017

AVID do’s and don’ts 2017 In no particular order, listing recent workflow problems I found switching back to AVID this year. DO No. Avid’s work best with Avid media. If you want a smooth experience, you need to transcode. I blame Avid Marketting for not making this more clear. Too many people try to AMA footage and … Read more

Glitchy, Unstable and Unreliable, can’t render or export with Premiere 2015.3

December 2016: It’s happening again with the 2017 version. Get your shit together Adobe, or you’re fired!Hi all, I’m having some trouble with exports via Adobe Media Encoder in Premiere Pro CC 2017, I’m not exactly sure how to describe the problem but have attached a screenshot from a Media Encoder export. This error appears to occur … Read more

Resolve 12.5 not ready yet for video editing.

-No timecode overlays -No list of previous clips in source monitor. -No out of sync indicator on timeline. and because of the missing source timecode display, there is no way to put something back in sync! -Can’t rename clips -Resolve Cache fills up for no reason, absorbing whatever hard drive space you have assigned to … Read more

Zero your flash media before important shoots!

With today’s recordings being written to SD, CF, SxS and SSD’s you have to know one important maintenance trick. Just formatting is not enough because it only wipes the directory, not the entire card! Flash media can re-assign bad blocks (just like a regular hard drive), but only after you’ve tried to write to them. Errors in … Read more

GPU vs CPU how do they divide the work?

The basic components of an NLE are: 1. Media files stored on an external HD -Media access speed is determined by: HD speed, Raid level and connection speed to workstation. 2. CPU> decode, encode and calculate non-accelerated effects. 3. GPU>accelerates: Alpha Adjust, Basic 3D, Black & White, Brightness & Contrast Color Balance (RGB), Color Pass (Windows … Read more

Performance test: Codecs and QuickTime on PC.

I had an aha-moment recently after switching from a QuickTime based project on Premiere, to C300>native MXF. The system was all of a sudden snappy, no stalls, a lot more realtime performance and super fast renders and exports. My system must have been struggling with something… A codec that works with low CPU load on a Mac … Read more