AVID do’s and don’ts 2017

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ICO_avidAVID do’s and don’ts 2017
In no particular order, listing recent workflow problems I found switching back to AVID this year.


No. Avid’s work best with Avid media. If you want a smooth experience, you need to transcode.
I blame Avid Marketting for not making this more clear. Too many people try to AMA footage and work native and working native is NOT how Avid works.
XDCAM only imports at native resolution!!!!!!
Probably, just like with the original XDCAM, during an “import”, you cannot change the resolution.  You either need to record baseband, or Transcode after-the-fact.  Welcome to the fun world of “Tapeless Workflow”.
XDCAM and XDCAM HD follow the MXF OP1a standard, and need to be converted to MXF OP Atom. Similarly, XDCAM EX is MP4, and needs to be converted to the same.



Excellent How to import different formats into AVID.