Free DCP

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If you’re lucky enough to own Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2014/15 you can create a free 2K DCP.
For 4K, 3D, HFR or other frame rates than 24 or 25 you have to buy the pro version of Wraptor DCP
1. Create final file in the highest resolution possible with Audio as either:
A. Stereo
B. 3 channels (Left, Center, Right)
C. 5.1(L,R,C,LFE,Ls,Rs)
DCPs are True 24 fps or True 25 fps. Progressive!
For best results do your own conversion from 23.98 or 29.79 using Premiere or AE.
For interlaced footage 29.97, make a true 24 fps timeline >1998×1080. Set field options to >Always De-interlace.  Don’t use optical flow. Don’t stretch to 1998, just leave a little bit of black on both edges, scaling creates artifacts.
The best de-interlacing is done in AE or Red Giant’s Frames.
Speed up Audio by 0.1% (for 23.98) in Audition, then add to sequence.

2. Drag your final file into AMA and choose Wraptor DCP.
The only options are 24/25 frame and aspect ratio.
Choose “Flat” for 16×9 HD footage.
Bitrate is fixed to 250Mbps which is very good and creates files of 15GB per 60min of footage.
The encoder takes your file and creates a series of JPEG2000 files at true 24 fr/sec.
It takes 4x Realtime (1hour of film takes 4hr)
3. 2 tests before you send it out:
1. Test the Files by re-importing into Pr and re-combining the Video.mxf with the audio.mxf from the DCP folder.
2 Install DCP Player Free (WIN ONLY) 
4. Format USB stick as Linux ext2 or ext3 file system. Difference ext2, ext3, ext4
On MAC most people use the Paragon extension for osx.
or Ext2 File System Driver for WIN
NOTE: An Ext 2 formatted USB Drive will not be recognized by a WIN or MAC computer.
5. Copy your DCP folder to the EXT2 USB stick.
6. Ask your local theatre if you can stop by in in the morning for 15 mins and load on their D-Cinema server.
Transfer of 15GB/1hr takes about 5 min >USB3.
DCP-usb DCP-check

Most projectionists and festivals advice against using encryption.cru_dataport_6607_7100_0500_dx115_carrier_only_sata_1412203509000_1066163
Make sure you can deliver USB stick instead of old-fashioned CRU-115 Data-port carrier.



The Wraptor Lite DCP creator follows academy specs:
Framerate: 24fps (not 23.976)
Compression: JPEG2000
Color Space: XYZ
2K Format: Full Container 2048×1080, Flat (1.85:1) 1998×1080, or Scope (2.39:1) 2048×858
Audio Format: 48kHz uncompressed, 24 bit
Minimum of 3 Audio Channels: Left, Right, Center or 5.1
Encryption: Unencrypted material only
A DCP is nothing more than a set file structure in a folder that the D-cinema server can read.
Read more about DCP’s here or Filmmaker Magazine
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