Glitchy, Unstable and Unreliable, can’t render or export with Premiere 2015.3

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December 2016: It’s happening again with the 2017 version. Get your shit together Adobe, or you’re fired!premiere2017-errorHi all, I’m having some trouble with exports via Adobe Media Encoder in Premiere Pro CC 2017, I’m not exactly sure how to describe the problem but have attached a screenshot from a Media Encoder export. This error appears to occur on dissolves and footage dynamically linked to After Effects projects. This error does not occur if I export directly from Premiere Pro. I have encountered this error on both my rig (specs below) and a client’s top-spec iMac (2015 27″ 5K). It has occurred on separate projects created on the respective machines.
OS X 10.11.6
Premiere Pro CC 2017 [11.0.1]
Mac Pro (Mid 2010)
2x 3.06 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon
48GB 1333 MHz DDR3 ECC
NVIDIA GeFore GTX 980 Ti
Anyone else encountered similar problems or can recommend anything to try?

Update Aug 3 2016, the fix is in, be careful folks, test your workflows before you commit!
They did it again, that company that I pay $53.49 every month.
A few weeks ago, before starting a big project (the online of a 3 hour PBS documentary), I upgraded to 2015.3 on my 2 Macbook Pro laptops that I use to edit. I took the option to remove the old version, more about that later.
My project specs are:
3x 53 minute reels with mixed formats ranging from 29.97 XD-CAM to DVCPRO to DV to PAL 25 fps footage on a ProRes-422 Timeline with Previews set to ProRes-422. 1920×1080 interlaced.
All was good the 2 weeks before the job came in on short tests. I liked the proxy workflow, liked the connection to my Tangent panels. etc. etc.
Then the job came in and it all quickly fell apart…
-It didn’t work or was super glitchy and unstable with my Red Giant shooter suite and Universe plug ins, even though Red Giant announced they were 2015.3 ready.
the Lumetri effect was unstable, randomly changed sliders I didn’t touch and, most important, I couldn’t save my presets reliably.
-After each crash there were different inconsistencies with all the edit decisions I made. I kept second guessing myself about stuff I fixed or fx that I did.
-The biggest issue was that after working for 5 days getting this project into premiere from FCP7, I couldn’t render or export!
PR-error-compilingThe stupid new error message that tells me where the render stopped is very unhelpful. Because there is NOTHING I can do to ever render successfully!

I re-installed the old version 2015.2 and re-did the work I did unpaid:
-Of course you can’t open a newer project in the old version.
-I used the video XML’s from FCP 7 to rebuild the timelines.
Using XML out of 2015.3 for video with FX was glitchy and unreliable, created more crashes.
-Luckily I hadn’t worked on audio much so I made audio-only sequences and the “cut’s only” XML out of 2015.3 to 2015.2 worked fine.
PR-open-with-The good news was that having both 2015.2 & 2015.3 open at the same time using the same video output device (in my case a Ultra studio mini monitor) didn’t create any conflicts or crashes!

Dear Adobe, my clients don’t care what software I use to get the job done. If you rush out versions and then force me to stay up all night, unpaid to fix the project, you’re not keeping me as a friend!  I’ve been using Photoshop for 20 plus years and Premiere as my main editing software for almost 3. This is the second time you rolled out a glitchy, buggy version for us  unpaidbeta testers. Please give us a break. I don’t care about any new bells and whistles if you keep breaking your basic functions.

This story has a happy ending, because I’ve been working on a stable system for the past 4 days and just did an export of my fully rendered 53 min timeline, using previews, in 2 minutes! That’s 1/25th realtime!
To me that proves that when software is matched with correct hardware, operating system and project specs, Adobe software can do miracles. Adobe should write more honest workflows like this and focus on keeping out bugs when it rolls out a new release.
Of course my experience is based on a specific machine, but I also work on many PC systems and usually experience the same glitches.
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FAQ: How to go back from Premiere Pro 2015.3 to Premiere Pro 2015.2
The fix is in, be careful folks, test your workflows before you commit!