Handy Postproduction Links

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Jarle Leirpoll’s Premiere Pro blog.
2016 Premiere Pro Resource Guide
Premiere Community
Moving to Premiere FB group
Week in Premiere
Adobe Apps direct download links
Troubleshooting 101

Who uses Premiere?
Animator Nick DenBoer
Biscardi Creative Media
Blue Sky Studios “The East Coast’s Pixar”
Broadway Video
Conan O’Brien
Frame Runner
Late Night
Light Iron
Pacifica Post
PBS Test Kitchen
Radical Media
Senior Post
Walking Death’s Stargate Studios
Walter Murch


The best Resolve training



Stop Using Quicktime

Tutorial Video’s
ChinFat’s channel, supergood short and sweet Premiere and AE tutorials.
You Suck At Photoshop
Premiere Audio mapping for lazy people
Creating smoke in AE
Dropping a Shadow on a Mask in CC14/15
Export SpeedGrade looks for DaVinci Resolve
How to handle difficult motion tracking with mocha AE CC
Moving elements between projects
New Lumetri Color Panel

How to build a balanced system
Good article about how video codecs work
QuickTime is deprecated? What does that mean in practice?
What is Apple doing with QuickTime?

Download Free Software
P2 & AVCHD Viewer Plus
Sony XDCAM clip browser
WebM html-5 movie export for PR
Resolve-12: Great basic editor, fantastic color corrector > the standard for most TV & Film. Also has one feature no other NLE’S have: Export files from timeline as individual files!
Red CINE-X: Transcodes any Red file into an editable format: even Quicktime ProRes on Mac and PC!

Artifacts in the form of pink lines
Error compiling movie
File Has no Audio or Video Streams
NVIDIA MAC only Graphics card failure
Photoshop text deletes when highlighted

Edit Geek stuff
Sky Captain 10 Years on
SNL film unit on Premiere
SNL transcripts
The world of tomorrow

PDF Codec White Papers
Apple ProRes
AVC Intra
Avid DNxHR and DNxHD
GoPro CineForm settings
H264 Web delivery compression
Ten reasons to like Sony’s XAVC
WebM open source html-5 video codec

PDF Hardware
Adobe & Nvidea GPU Marriage
Adobe Hardware Performance Whitepaper