AVID MC 6 now 100% compatible with most camera formats.

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No more transcoding or re-wrapping of most current camera formats and codecs! That’s a big deal I think.
I’m cutting a show with 5D, panasonic AVC INTRA, EX1, EX3, and P2 footage.

With Final Cut I would still have to rewrap or transcode all this footage.

Sony came out with their AMA plugin in Nov 2011 and it works great.
I still transcode H264 from 5D to DNxHD 175 because of performance issues, the other formats  link and play fine.

Here is a recent discussion about the RED AMA plugin, a lot of people still prep their R3D files using RED CineX.
This is the link to the Red AMA plugin for MC6 

Sony XDCAM AMA plugins for MC6 downloads: