Platform & Codec NLE picker.

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The same codec decodes different on Mac and Windows platforms, but marketers don’t want to advertise that.
Below is my (imperfect, incomplete) performance grid that shows what platform codec and software I try to use when I have a say.
I usually work on a standalone system. On any kind of collaborative project I recommend  transcoding to native Avid media and using their ISIS storage. There is still no match for Avid’s media management especially when collaborating in realtime on a deadline.
AvidICO_avidResolve-12ICO_resolve PremiereICO_premiere Final Cut-X.ICO_fcpx


Most codecs


Arri Alexa

RED DSLR AVCHD H264       H265 in MP4 container. Like GH4 Collaborate with Native Avid Media DNxHD DNxHR Native Sony XDCAM-EX XDCAM-HD XDCAM-HD422 Blackmagic Canon Native C500 C300 C100 5DM2 5DM3 7D
ICO_apple ICO_premiere ICO_resolveICO_fcpx ICO_apple ICO_premiere ICO_resolveICO_fcpx ICO_appleICO_winICO_fcpx ICO_resolve ICO_premiere ICO_win ICO_resolve ICO_premiere ICO_winICO_avid ICO_win ICO_resolve ICO_premiere ICO_appleICO_fcpx ICO_resolve ICO_premiere ICO_appleICO_winICO_fcpx ICO_resolve ICO_premiere

-I love ProRes on Mac, I think it’s a great looking, very easy too use codec.
It works in 64 bit. If a production uses ProRes, I fight for editing on Mac.
-I don’t use ProRes on PC, with any of the NLEs, even though they say it works. It is just too much trouble, glitchy and slow.
-ProRes inside MXF on Avid is a joke. Their glossy brochures talk about compatibility, but I can’t make it work. I only use AMA to transcode to Avid media, not for editing.
-The big loser on the Mac platform is Premiere. Adobe has made strides in improving the performance of their applications, but it still doesn’t compare to what Apple has achieved with FCPX.
-I avoid Quicktime on PC. Any codec! > I use native camera media, MXF, MP4 or native Avid Media Files (which are MXF).

-If possible I do Multi-Cam on Avid with transcoded DNxHD36 media if more than 4 angles for the offline. For online relink to native media.
-Next best is Premiere with the same DNxHD36 media if more than 4 angles and native media with <4 angles.

Do your own performance tests.
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