Resolve 12.5 not ready yet for video editing.

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-No timecode overlays
-No list of previous clips in source monitor.
-No out of sync indicator on timeline. and because of the missing source timecode display, there is no way to put something back in sync!
-Can’t rename clips
-Resolve Cache fills up for no reason, absorbing whatever hard drive space you have assigned to it.
-Absolutely can’t work with compressed files like the ones from DSLR camera’s in H264 codec, in MP4 or MOV. Sometimes video works , but audio for sure won’t.
Resolve only accepts “professional” codecs I-frame codecs like Prores, AVID or Red.
-Only PCM audio, no MP3s.
-Audio dissolves sound horrible, unusable.
-Waveform displays on timeline are unreliable, intermittent or don’t work.
-Message pops up all the time saying you should upgrade to studio version.
Annoying, drives users away!
-Can’t use in & out keyboard shortcuts during fullscreen playback.
-No progress indicators on rendering or cache progress.
-The software is a resource hog, probably works great with 10core, 128GB RAM and dual video cards. It runs like garbage on a computer that can perfectly handle FCPX, Premiere or AVID.