Shooting Video with the Nikon D600

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When you buy a D600, you basically buy 2 camera’s in one box. You understand this when you notice that there are separate iso settings for video & stills.

-great still camera
-audio with separate box to add  XLR, a little noisy, but ok for a DSLR.
-rolling shutter ok, comparable to 5Dm2
-haven’t noticed any overheating issues when shooting multiple 20 min takes.
-Nice dynamic range and low-light performance up to 1600 ASA. Grain, especially in the blacks looks bad at higher iso settings.

-terrible moire & false colors etc. in almost every shot! I’m talking about 1080 24, 25 and 30 fps.

The 60fps 720p settings are even more useless. This is with sharpening turned down.
Sorry Nikon, you are still lightyears behind Canon & Sony.
The weird thing is that this full frame 24Megapixel sensor is made by Sony, the Nikon processing just screws it up. The internal H264 compression doesn’t help either and right now (Dec 2012)
you can’t use the HDMI out because it is not full screen. You can’t shoot any wide shots in focus because of the moire and watch out for anything shiny in a shot because it will be busy as hell.
-recording length limited to 20 mins.
-you can’t extend the dynamic range using a picture profile like the Technicolor profile