Create Used Footage List From EDL Using Excel

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  1. File> Open > Browse to .EDL file> import wizard opens>Choose Delimited > Click Next. 
  2. Choose Space, Uncheck the Tab button. > click Next.
  3. Choose Text > hit Finish
  4. Save the spreadsheet as Excel workbook.
  5. Switch to the Data Tab > Top menus.
  6. Select all then click the Filter button. This makes each column a sortable category.
  7. Click the little arrow next to the column you want to sort and choose Sort A to Z in the menu that pops up.
  8. Bam your EDL is now sorted  It doesn’t really matter which column you sort, the point is to get lines that are named to same together for the next step.
  9. Select all rows that are NOT the rows you are interested in, for example: you need the SOURCE names of clips in the edl
  10. Delete all rows that are not SOURCE by selecting them and choosing delete rows (CRTL – (minus sign))
  11. Congratulations, you now have a list of clips used in the sequence without any other clutter. To neaten it up remove all duplicate rows.